Werewolves have many legends, ranging from the beginning of the world to its end. Their pantheon is populated by many heroes and demi-gods, but it is crowned by three: Selene the goddess of the moon, En’ye-Lekat-Mei-Selene and the Last Hero.

Selene is the matron goddess of the werewolves, who they consider to be responsible for their gift of shape-shifting. Werewolves do know that other gods exist, but they do not pay them nearly as much attention as they do to Selene. According to their own legends, this belief was first taught to them by En’ye, an enigmatic Sihe-Naas.

En’ye-Lekat-Mei-Selene, ‘En’ye who walks under the moon’, is a strange figure. He is said to be one of the oldest and wisest of the Sihe-Naas, some even believe him to be the Original One. Where Selene gives power, En’ye teaches its use. He is said to be the teacher of Deia Kenare, founder of the Hezi-Kai order. He is said to come always in time of great need.

The Last Hero has an altogether stranger legend behind him. The Last Hero is also the First Hero. He battled against Evil in the beginning of this, the Mortal Age, and, as the tale goes, will do so again at the end of it. However, because the werewolves despise necromancy and do not believe in resurrection, the Last Hero must live through every moment of the age he helped to create, passing from one incarnation to another, unaware of it until he is needed again.

Other legends include such diverse character as Nume the World Builder, the Old Man from Nowhere, the Lord of Destiny, Nera the goddess of fertility, the Fallen One and others.