Combat and Weaponry

Sy should be mentioned. It translates simply as ‘combat’ and is the known as the ‘art of causing injuries’. It was developed during the War of Origin, when it is said Hezi-Kai killed ten thousand Endi-Kai prisoners while working on it. The art involves many aspects of battle. Everything from strategy, to weapons of all types, to unarmed combat and combat in wolf form. Rare is the werewolf who masters it all, and there is a special place reserved for such a one: the post of blademaster of a clan. It is much more prestigious than even the post of clan leader. The blademaster’s duty is to train young werewolves of the clan in Sy.

Traditionally, the preferred weapons of the werewolves are the Sy-blades. These always come in pairs: the guard-blade and the strike-blade. Both blades are of similar shape, but the guard-blade’s handle is perpendicular to the blade, and it is held along the forearm. The strike-blade is a much more conventional sword shape.

Werewolves rarely wear armor, but there is an elite squad of fighters, raised and trained by the Hezi-Kai, whose only purpose is war. They are outfitted in armor, cunningly forged to equally protect a wolf and a human. Their weapon skills are unbelievable, at least as good as that of any blademaster.