Werewolves generally wear the minimal amount of clothing, despite the cold climate in which they live. Everything they wear is made so that it can be removed easily by a quadruped. The shirt is nothing more than two rectangles of fabric, pinned together at the shoulders and the pants are made with slits running along both sides. The Sy-blades are a different matter altogether. As many werewolves wear them all the time, a special belt had to be devised. It is tied around the ribs and can be enlarged or shortened to two lengths: the width of the ribcage of the werewolf in human form and the width of the ribcage of the werewolf in wolf form.

Werewolves usually have eye color ranging from gray-green or yellowish brown, although other colors are sometimes encountered. Hair color is usually dark, again with exceptions, and it is only rarely styled. Usually it is cropped to a few centimeters and left to grow. Werewolves are very meticulous about cleanliness, apparently due to some plague they lived through in the past.