Much is told about the werewolves and it is often hard to tell truth from fiction, especially because the werewolves are by no means helpful. It is unknown where the werewolves as a race came from. Maybe, they donít know themselves. It is unknown whether they keep written records. Learned men suppose that werewolves originated from a lycanthropy-stricken population of humans.

Werewolves arenít xenophobic as such: they often move to towns populated by other races and they socialize openly. The werewolves are, by their lupine nature, divided into clan-packs. Originally there were several dozen of them throughout the Land of Sym and beyond, but now there are nine: Barz, Druke, Ecule, Heustag, Kenare, Lahar, Medovi, Reclawykse and Tag.

Every werewolf bears a tattoo denoting its clan on its chest, and werewolves always stick to their clans. A member of one clan is seldom seen anywhere near a member of another clan unless itís because theyíve come to try to knock the guts out of each other. It is unwise for members of other races to meddle in the affairs of werewolves, for here werewolves unite and close about the intruder like a tide. Non-werewolves, or Endi-Kai, in the werewolf tongue, are not even considered to be properly sapient creatures.

Among the other mysteries surrounding them is the mystery of the werewolf shamans, said to possess a magic of utterly different nature than the human magic. Werewolf shamans do not belong to any clans and are only rarely encountered. They do not seem to have any place that they call home. In any case, wherever there are werewolves, they can find a place to spend the night. It is unknown what role exactly werewolf shamans play in werewolf society. It is known that they act as judges, but their other functions remain a mystery.

Werewolves have always been focused on fighting and physical prowess. Their economy is based on hunting and, slightly, on cattle. There is almost no farming, except a few vegetables, grown on a private patch of land, purely to spice things up. The building industry isnít up to scratch. Forging weapons is the work of Hezi-Kai and blademasters. Thus normal werewolves are almost totally inept at this kind of work. They are also not naturally skilled at magic, except for their ability to change.


1. History (with Map)
2. Language
3. Hezi-Kai, Kai-Lin and the Clan Structure
4. Appearance
5. Combat and Weaponry
6. Mythology
7. Clans