2.2 The Trolls

Trolls are the oldest race of Sym. Their beginning is lost far in the mists of time. It is pretty certain they are originally from Sym, but nothing is for sure. Trolls are generally a quiet and peaceful race, although their appearance defies it. Trolls are huge, exceedingly powerful and have a custom of wearing the skulls of their ancestors to formal occasions. This is misinterpreted by most people. Trolls do this as a sign of respect. A tradition not shared or appreciated by any of the other races. Trolls are shy and reclusive. They rarely involve themselves with the other races and keep closed communities even in the huge multiethnic cities of central Sym.

Trolls are originally cave-dwellers and all their major cities lie underground, where few of the other races care to stay or visit. Nonetheless they can easily adapt to the world above, although they much prefer the darkness of the night. Because of their life underground, their time measurement is not based on the seasons or the cycles of the sun or moon, they have some form of telling the time other than that used by the surface races. This often causes them to be seen at strange hours.

Most of the trollsí first encounters with the other races werenít exactly peaceful, which led them to be even more disassociated with the other races. Only the youngest few generations of trolls have finally went out into the world socialized freely with the other races. Now they have nearly fully adapted to social life and speak trollish only at home. A great improvement, as previously nearly none of them had spoken any of the other racesí languages and anyone who came in contact with them had to learn trollish: an impossible task for anyone with a normal-sized larynx. A previously slit throat also helps, it is said.