The Sihe-Naas, named by the werewolves who inhabit the region, are a species of huge, vaguely humanoid creatures. They inhabit the Eastern Forest and mountains of Sym and their name translates literally as "fiend". Sihe are rarely encountered, being mean-tempered and solitary, although some are known for their benevolence.

They grow to heights of up to three and a half meters. Little is know of their culture, except that they are also adept magicians. Sihe-Naas have jet-black skins and silvery-white hair and eyes, and a long whip-like tail. They appear dressed in shadows, casting darkness all around them. Nevertheless they look very beautiful.

The origin of the Sihe-Naas is explained by them in the story of the Fallen Angel: there once was an angel who rose to a great height, nearly reaching the heavens, and then was brought down by demons. The angel no longer had the ability, or maybe simply the will to try again, so he stayed on the earth.

*And they won't be playable probably. Their offspring however will be, see below.


Fiendlings are the offspring of Sihe and other races, especially humans and elves. They generally take after the non-fiend parent, although they often have tails, heightened reflexes and night vision, and yellowish eyes.

Fiendlings are usually outcasts of society by cause of their heritage, and trust each other even less. Mostly they live as hermits in the Eastern Forest or move into cosmopolitan multiethnic cities such as New Caen, Nordhelm or Atopek. They adopt the culture of the race they grow up with.