The Elves

Elves are a peculiar race, if ‘peculiar’ is the correct word in this case. Elves love music, poetry and nature. They admire beauty in all forms. They are also easily led and bent, but have a tendency to stick fanatically to any idea after it has been instilled in them. The elves that currently live in Sym were originally an elvish exodus. They have established a new elvish state with its capital at Kiyag. There is movement among them known as the Sourcecomers, which talks of returning to the homeland.

It is unknown where elves came from, just that they appeared one day, crowds of them, carrying all their possessions with them. Everywhere they went, they waged war. And they went everywhere. And in huge numbers. They overturned all of Sym, throwing the other races into turmoil. Even the werewolves got involved. Elven victory seemed assured, but a united army of humans, dwarves and orcs managed to stop them at Caen, and gradually turn the tide. Four Elf Wars and nearly a hundred years later, with Caen lying in ruins and all the sides on the verge of ruin, the elves were forced to surrender.

Elves, although pretty single-minded in their relations to other races, are split among themselves into many religious and political factions. The collective noun for a group of elves is an argument. When they got over their hatred towards other races, they quickly replaced the sword and longbow with pamphlet and doctrine.


1. History (with Map)
2. Elven Power Structure
3. Appearance
4. Combat and Weaponry