Nagadia: a History

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The areas north of Sym, generally known as Nagadia, lay unsettled because of natural borders and a multitude of dangers until some time around the First Elf War, nearly a dozen centuries ago. The enterprising general of a huge sea-faring empire, claimed the area for his emperor and began a conquest of the surrounding coastline. The disorganized and uncivilized inhabitants fell back or were assimilated into the growing Colony of Nagadia. Then, only a decade later, the general, Arre Ell, having built up his fortifications and strengthened the colonyís economy, denounced his ruler and declared himself head of the Nagadian Empire. Naturally, the emperor had some objections to that, and sent forces to put down the up-start, but Arre Ell was too far away and too strong, even though his domain, at the time consisted only of Nagarome, Nuremshore, Bayguard and Landreach.

With time, it expanded, fighting all the way, to its present size of ten cities, a multitude of smaller villages and a huge territory all around the Nagadian Bay, except for the Dragon lands in the north. Communication with central Sym was brief and hostile. There were a few skirmishes with the dwarves and werewolves, but central Symís natural borders prevented large-scale invasion.

For a long time, Arre Ell and his successors continued to battle the indigenous population of Nagadia and even now occasionally venture out into the Syllus desert to fight the natives. The only shores that are still undefeated are the Dragon lands, for obvious reasons. The heart of the Bay Forest is also left well alone, but not so much due to the dangers that lie within. The generals of Nagadia are well-known for their rather manic fearlessness. The cause is simply logistics.


1. Nagadiaís Population
2. The University of Nagarome
3. The Nagadian Army