Power Structure

Although elves are disorganized, careless and whimsical in many things, government is not one of them. The elves, at first glance, seem to have a democratic form of government and there are many political factions, which are elected into power every once in a while. The real power, however, is held by a group of unknown figures, of whom little is known. They seem to be… different… in their behavior. Their influence is rarely felt, but when it is, great events follow. The rest of the time, the democratic government reigns. Elves are very well suited for it. They don’t stop debating for a moment, unless it is to admire some work of art or poetry.

The same thing that applies for political factions, applies to religious orders. The elves serving in them, however, are usually much more dedicated and fanatical than the average politically-minded elf. As a result, the orders have much more power than the actual political factions. Some of the most influential of them are: the Order of Nature, the Order of the Moon and the Followers of the Silent Lord.