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Elves go back a long time, but their culture and government is so changing and fluid that even their most recent records disagree with each other. Elves believe the version they favor most. All the other races know comes from the time when the eves invaded the Land of Sym. Some scholars guess that they may have roots in a country that lies far to the west, across the Great Desert.

Elves came from the west in, as has been noted many times, large groups, carrying everything they owned. They were a ragged bunch from the years of journeying they had undergone, but still seemed extremely cultured.

The races that lived in Sym at the time greeted them warily but in a friendly enough manner, scared of how the elves could shift the fragile balance of power between the dwarves, orcs and trolls and humans. The elves, however, managed to secure the shaky peace between the other races once and for all. The elves didnít even pause to set up permanent fortifications. They organized a few settlements, and, leaving some to set up, marched straight into war.

Itís not that every individual was such a good fighter, or that the elves were well-equipped. Elves, despite their normally lackadaisical nature, were organized and disciplined in war. They had few metal weapons, so they improvised with wooden ones. Their main trump, however, was the elven magic, unique to Sym. It was enough. The elves started by invading the great human city of Siebel. The weapons they acquired there allowed them to extend their invasion to the orcs, and, later the dwarves. Everywhere they went, they met with great success, and it seemed their victory was guaranteed. In short order, most of the Ansymar forest and many human and dwarvish cities were overrun. Finally, after several months of fierce fighting and retreating, the allied forces of the humans, dwarves and trolls stopped the elves at the walls of New Caen.

The elves were forced back and there was a brief, unspoken ceasefire, followed by another war, this one dubbed the Second Elf War, and lasting for several years. The Elf Wars fractured the history of Sym, giving birth to a rich heritage of legends. One day, nearly a hundred years later, with Caen in ruins and hundreds of thousands dead, the elves just stopped fighting. Their motives for both starting the war and ending it are still unknown.

Elves, as individuals, are not naturally skilled at fighting. Instead they are adept at the elven magic, proven to be very powerful.