2.3 The Dwarves

The dwarves are race primarily famous for being, among other things, really short, a drawback which they consider an advantage. One of their sayings sums their view up nicely: “If your waist is level with their knees, your teeth are level with their groin.”

The dwarves originated high in the Ubermir mountains. Except for being short, they are also Sym-renowned craftsman, especially in metalwork. They are very friendly with the werewolves, who much appreciate the dwarves’ skill. The dwarves have great cities in the mountains, each of which specializes in a certain area of metalwork. For example, the finest chain mail is produced in Gor-Molom, the best swords in Maach-Kaala and the greatest hammer-axes, the dwarves’ cultural weapon and weapon of choice, in the dwarves’ capital Ilan-Bator. A separate note needs to be made of the hammer-axes. Traditionally these have a handle of about 80 cm (they are tailored for each dwarf, this the average height from the elbow to the ground). At one end there is an axehead combined with a hammer and at the other, a long pike. The pike is made to ease climbing mountains, the hammer is for prospecting for iron, gold and other valuable metals and the axe is for when someone tries to take your claim away.

After the Elvish War and the mixing of all the races, dwarven ingenuity with metals was combined with some of humanity’s darker skills. This led to the fact that now the multiethnic city of Nordhelm, greatest dwarf city outside the mountains, is known for its lockpicks… and locks.

Dwarves are generally lawful and hard-working, although when I say generally, I mean really generally, there’s always a few individuals prepared to step over the line of the law and relax in illegal riches. A major dwarf business is the export – and contraband – of dwarf-made tools and weapons over the dwarfish border and into the other races’ lands, mostly the humans and the elves. All in all dwarves have adapted themselves well to multiracial society.