The Origin

The Origin is so-called by the humans because it is where, as far as their records date, they came from. It was once a beautiful place with bright colors, high light canopies and clear streams, but something that is unknown to us, a closely guarded secret of the human wizards, changed all that. It started with the darkening of the water, which suddenly became murky and soup-like. Then, there came about subtle changes in the trees. They grew together, bound by new strains of vines, never seen before. The forest became dark and swampy. And then humans became to disappear. It happened in different ways. Sometimes it was a violent event, with hamlets broken down, doors torn from their hinges, blood and miscellaneous body parts scattered. Magic didnít help. Sometimes it happened quietly, with all work simply abandoned and no trace of the victims. Humans began to form into armed villages, from where they would attempt to keep the monsters stalking them at bay. Conflicts followed. Some creatures were caught, all bone, teeth and muscles, these were denoted the Skyr but the others, called Vargols, the ones that left no trace of their presence and whisked away alert guards, remained free. The first and only Vargol to be caught was captured by the great wizard Ilefon, who imprisoned it when it came for him in the night. It didnít seem to have been much, a cloud of slightly foggy air.

At this point, a great part of the humans fled northwest to Sym, led by Ilefon. This history is, however, not about them. We are concerned with those who stayed behind to hold their land. These were, largely, doomed. Hundreds of thousands perished. A handful learned how to live and survive in this new dangerous world, but the majority concentrated into huge armed cities, like great hives of humanity. With time, humans developed weapons against all of the demons talking them, but nevertheless, their cities fell, one by one, and now only the last stands. It is known only as the Refuge. Naturally, the humans of the Origin are xenophobic, paranoid and nervous. This is what lets them survive. A lot of power belongs to the men in the field, because there is no room for bureaucracy where decisions have to be made on the spur of the moment, and a wrong decision costs lives. Sometimes the words of a scout hold more weight than those of a general.

The jungles of Origin are now a land of decay, forgotten ruins, mass graves and monsters. All travel, however much of it there is, passes well around, either taking the perilous sea route or risking the Desecrated Plains of the Netopere.