2.4 The Orcs

The orcs live in the Ansymar forests of the south. They mostly reside in small hamlets throughout the forest. They have only two large cities, built around their two holy places, where it is claimed miracles, such as healing, can be performed. A criminal can also claim sanctuary in these shrines, but it is death for a member of any of the other races to trespass there.

Orcs are well-versed in forestcraft. When under the cover of the trees they travel quickly and stealthily. They are good in the matter of herb potions and possess some natural skills for healing magic. Their weapons and tools are their weak point. All of them are made out of wood. Metal is very highly prized. In some of the less reputable areas of the forest, to carry a metal weapon or tool is a death sentence. For this reason orcs that emigrated to the northern cities are considered extremely rich.

Orcs are, on the whole, lawful, but this applies only to their own laws. They are known to deal viciously with any lawbreakers and some ignore law, all law, altogether.