Power Structure

New Caen is ruled by a council of twenty governors and an elected Cassianarch. There are representatives of all the major races, although the council is predominantly composed of elves and humans. Many of the other races either prefer not to meddle in politics or do so in an illegal of half-legal way. There is a constant on-going war between the city administration and the ethnic hierarchies, with the city administration only marginally winning. The Cassianarch makes most political decisions, although a vote is made in case of crucial policies. The council members are responsible for smaller decisions. The laws and policies of the New Caen administration are enforced, to the extent that this is possible by the New Caen City Watch and, indirectly, by New Caen’s garrison. Just below the city administration stands the guild council, so powerful as to nearly be a secondary government. It is composed of the guild leaders, who have their own pecking order. The guilds’ word has a lot of weight and they constantly use mercenaries to do their dirty work.