The city, positioned on a large knoll, is divided into five areas: the Higher City, the Lower City, the Old City, the New City and the Pits.

There are several major factions that split power among themselves. There is, of course, the city administration, together with the New Caen City Watch and the city’s garrison. Then there are the Guilds, united by one council. Just below them, but almost equally powerful are the various, half-legal ethnic and political groups. Most influential of these are several elven sects and religious orders, some dwarfish mafias, the werewolf clans and the anarchistic Reo faction.

The Old City, as the name suggests, is the oldest part of New Caen. It is the original settlement on the shore of the Ani’yun. Now this area is one of the most low-class and disreputable in the city, largely due to the sprawling port complex all along the shore.

The Higher City is the second oldest of the city’s boroughs. It is also the most prestigious area of town, home of the well-to-do and the city’s officials. It holds the city administration building, the headquarters of the city watch and the Protector Fort. Some of the richest guilds have their guildhouses in this area.

The Lower City, the New City and the Pits started together after a fresh influx of immigration. Of the three, the most upper-class is the New City. The Lower City, however, is the heart of the city’s industry. The Pits grew as a sort of residue of where the scrapings could live. It is the city’s crime center and avoided by everyone except its denizens.