The City-State of New Caen

Caen was the capital of humans, a fortress-town founded after the War of Origin, and constructed by the hands of the trolls that humans enslaved. It was built as a great impregnable stronghold, with sloping walls that were thirty meters thick at the base and ten at the ramparts. The town stood on a rise, overlooking miles of land around it.

It expanded quickly and soon housed nearly ten thousand people. It reigned over the human empire, and continued to be a symbol of might even after the War of Freedom that liberated the orcs, trolls and dwarves. During the Fourth Elf War, Caen was overrun. The inhabitants fled to the mountains and, after an amazingly determined last stand made by the cityís garrison, it was razed. Caenís empire fell apart into a collection of city-states.

New Caen was founded to the south of where its predecessor had been situated, on the shores of the Aniíyun. It was started by representatives of humans, orcs, dwarves and elves a city, in which all the races could find equality. This was initially greeted with mistrust, and rightly so, because at first official equality didnít mean equality in everyday life. The city struggled for nearly five hundred years to enforce its policies and in the end it was successful.

Now it is the largest city-state in all of Sym and has even managed to temper the homicidal attitudes of the elves and unite the races, bloodlessly, under its banner as Symís trade center. The races retain their laws, traditions and rulers, but now they have a better purpose than mindless genocide: commerce. Probably the only race that ignores most of the goings-on in the Federation are the werewolves, who have always sought isolation. However there are many of them to be found in New Caen.


Power Structure