Netopere and the Desecrated Plains

The Netopere, originally Rook Netopere, is a sorcerer of great age. It is uncertain when he first appeared, just that he was already very powerful when the humans fled the Origin. Many of them never left his domain. He is called a necromancer by some, and he knows some necromancy. He is called an alchemist, and, yes, he dabbles in alchemy. He is called a druid, and he understands some of the ways of nature. But he is none of these.

The Netopere is quite a young-looking man, and not particularly evil as such. He enjoys power and solitude, and therefore visitors are not welcome. When the whim hits him, though, he has been known to be benevolent, especially in the case of attractive, young females. He has a decided theatrical streak to him, and can be quite easily manipulated by those who get close. Although he is one of the greatest mages that ever lived, human relations are a weak point.

His favorite magic spells are those that have to do with the mutation of creatures and animation of non-living objects. The Netopere has made a lot of progress in thousands years of study and has expanded the field greatly, although he does not share the knowledge readily. One of many of his creations, and his principal soldiers and servants are the infamous Iron Shades. Molten metal is poured into the shadow of Netopere and forms into his silhouette. The Shades are hard-working, durable, not indestructible, but easily replaced. The Netopere’s necromancing practices have also been very extensive and he has nearly come the full circle to downright resurrection. This is also why his domain is known as the Desecrated Plains. Many denounce his studies as atrocities, although none of the dead has ever yet made any objections.

He has plenty of enemies, but fortunately for him, his brain works quite coherently in the matter of self-preservation. It is extremely difficult to get past the vigil of his inhuman servants, except by powerful magic. The Netopere does occasionally let the odd assassin through, just for interest. The killer, though, is never given freedom to act.