Nagadia’s Population

The original population of Nagadia was varied, to say the least. It consisted of a multitude of small tribes of various races, among them humans, elves, trolls, werewolves, gnolls, snakefolk and Sihe. None of them reacted favorably to occupation and continue to cause trouble in many areas of the Nagadian Empire, to the extent that, for example, Sihe, werewolves and snakefolk are to be killed on sight.

Locationwise, the races are not divided into any particular order. Trolls are rare, but there are some communities in the east and on Gate island. Werewolves abide in the south, in and around the Thornwood, gnolls tend towards the Bay Forest and Sihe inhabit both. Elves and humans can be found in the west. Snakefolk can be encountered in the Farshore Forest.