The Nagadian Army

The Nagadian army is the most well-disciplined and well-organized in Sym. It has also been kept in practice by years of fighting to conquer new territories and suppress already captured populations. In general, the army is held in very high esteem, itís not for nothing that the ruler of the Nagadian Empire has the rank of first general. Even despite conscription, serving in the army is considered the proper thing to do for a young citizen at some point in his or her life.

Every Nagadian must serve a mandatory four years, one of which is spent in training. Often, this is the only opportunity for education most soldiers will ever get. There are many who stay on as professional mercenaries.

General the army is divided into two main branches: the land army and the navy. The land army is then split into legions of around two thousand men, each including cavalry, engineers and supplies, according to their specializations. There are twenty-eight legions altogether, each headed by a general. Soldiers pledge loyalty to the legion rather than the Empire. This is to make them more fanatical in the field of battle, but this has backfired at least once in what is known as the Tragedy of Two Legions, when an argument between two generals, that of the Fifth Legion and the Twelfth Legion, resulted in the death of several hundred men.

The uniform of a legionnaire consists of a light chain-mail coat, covered by a red and black tunic, the purpose of which is to hide blood and keep morale up. This is topped by a cone-shaped helmet. Standard weapons include a short sword, carried by all soldiers, and then a spear or bow, depending on the soldierís specialization.