Mythological History

In the beginning, there was nothing in the universe but Heaven and Hell, the Realms of Light and Darkness and the other names by which these are known. From the start of their existence, these waged war against each other. In a bid for victory, the lords of Heaven created the mortal world as a new weapon against Hell, but they couldn't handle it and after more war, the world fell into the hands of darkness and, even though fighting never fully ceased on this new battleground, most of it belonged to Hell.

Slavery lasted for millennia, until there was a group of people -elves, men, trolls and werewolves, or at least their ancestors- who resisted their captors. They were headed by the First Hero and Drevnere. The minions of Hell were defeated and banished and lords of Heaven prepared to make the mortal world part of their domain. The First Hero and Drevnere defied them too. The new world was rid of all of Heaven's creatures as well.

Several tried to escape, but many failed, among them the Fallen One. He was an angel who attempted to reach Heaven by flying past the sky, but was brought down by demons and fell to the ground. He fathered the Sihe-Naas race.

The new world, however, still remains disputed territory and if ever the forces of Heaven and Hell are allowed free entry, it will be destroyed.