Kai-Lin-Sayibsah and En'ye the Belief Founder

The werewolves' magic and belief, their Kai-Lin, stem from the teaching of En'ye, a mysterious Sihe-Naas. The latter is also mentioned as a prophet by several elven religious orders and hence the appellation Belief Founder. All magic taught by En'ye is linked with moon and the moon-goddess Selene and implies religion.

Kai-Lin-Sayibsah is home to the werewolf shamans, the practitioners of this magic. The place is also revered by all the werewolves. Here the Kai-Geratz festival is held every year, marking the initiation of young werewolves. The only time Endi-Kai, non-werewolves, tried to enter Kai-Lin-Sayibsah, during the Fourth Elf War, they were thwarted by magic.

Future shamans are chosen from among the werewolves who are initiated.