The Magic of Sym

Traditionally there are three main schools of magic in Sym: that of the humans, that of the werewolves and that of the elves. There are also many sub-schools and other sects, but they are all basically derivatives of the aforementioned trio. The Sihe remain ever an unknown factor, the full extent of their magic unknown.

The center of human magic is the City-State of Erstat, second largest and second most influential city of Sym. It houses what is known simply as the University, the premier school of human magic this side of the Syllus. Naturally, many magic practitioners make their home in the city.

Werewolves have their magical capital at Kai-Lin-Sayibsah, which literally means "Center of Belief". Their shamans are also their priests, chroniclers and legislators. Werewolf magic is based on their religion and is linked heavily with the moon-goddess, Selene.

Elves' magical centers are more widely dispersed. Many are also based on religious beliefs, but because the elves are divided into a huge number of various orders, they can be found in many odd places. The richest and most powerful have their temples in Kiyag, the elven capital where they take a hand in politics.

The other races are less skilled at magic, but they have their own substitutes. The dwarves possess their alchemy, and the orcs their herblore.


1. The University and Drevnere
2. Kai-Lin-Sayibsah and En'ye the Belief Founder
3. Sects and Orders