The University and Drevnere

Drevnere is the first and greatest human mage that ever lived. According to legend, he was the friend and mentor of the Last Hero himself. His name means "Ancient One". He and the Last Hero gave freedom to the mortal world. He later saved it from destruction when hell wanted to close over it by placing a single enchanted hair to keep hell at bay. This hair is still kept at the University in Erstat. Drevnere was the one who granted immortality, or a form of it, to the Last Hero. He himself chose to live on through his teaching spiritually rather than physically.

It is not that Drevnere knew the most magic to ever be known, or wielded the most power ever to be wielded. There were better mages and certainly more inventive mages, but none of them could have come into being without Drevnere. In the days when the world was enslaved by evil, he was ambitious enough and dared to try and learn from the slavers. And he managed. He became good enough to later overthrow and imprison them.

When his work was finished, Drevnere turned to teaching. He had several students and to them he entrusted the keeping of his single hair that kept the world in existence. This was the beginning of the human school of magic.

This legend is one of the humans' oldest, but still very well known. The magical hair can be readily viewed in a small, discreet room in the University of Erstat. This last is a great sprawling structure, guarded by gargoyles and spells. It houses a huge library and is chock-full of some of the world's most amazing sights. Its denizens -and they can only be called 'denizens'- include a whole functioning ecosystem, with the students only in the middle of the food chain. Common dangers include such things as the Disappearing Attic, the Hellgate, Eyeless Tirre, the Great Ripper and others.