Sects and Orders

Elven magic is perhaps the most diverse and all-embracing. It is said, a spell can be found for anything. Unfortunately, elves are, as usual, so split up and so dedicated to working in all directions that it would take years of travel to actually find the spell you are in need of. Most elven magic is linked with religion. The largest and most important of the elven sects are the Order of Nature, Order of the Moon, the Followers of the Silent Lord and the Court Mages. Of the above, only the last approach magic scientifically, the rest hold magic as a wonderful gift of the gods or miscellaneous spirits that they worship.

The Court Mages were founded during the times of the Elven Hegemony. The rulers of the period needed magic that was not controlled by anyone else and linked directly to the government. Thus this order was created and has since then prospered, even though the court after which these mages were named is long replaced by democracy.

Where werewolves were taught their magic from En'ye and humans from Drevnere, elves have picked it up from everywhere. Some comes from En'ye, some is stolen from the humans, but the original "elven" magic was developed by the painstaking labor of several generations of mages.