2.7 The Gnolls

The gnolls are a race of humanoids with the faces of hyenas. They are squat and shorter than humans, but have wide shoulders and extremely powerful hands. Their bodies are covered by hair, especially a long mane stretching along their spines from the forehead to the base if the spine. Gnoll leaders make their hair into dreadlocks and weave in talismans and magical items as a sign of authority.

Gnolls have lived in the forests of Sym for hundreds of years, avoiding all contact with the other races. They do not purposefully hide, but they are absolutely indifferent to all other races. Because their lands have little treasure and strategic value, they have, for the most part, been ignored.

Few people who have met gnolls ever return to tell the tail, because gnolls have a kind of headhunting tradition: they gather the fangs of their victims. If the creature doesn’t have fangs, the other teeth will do just as well.

Gnolls have a crude culture. They have no permanent settlements and travel constantly. Their weapons are, usually, made out of wood and obsidian, which doesn’t make them less formidable than metal ones. Although they break more easily, they are also very easy to repair, with no special tools required.

Gnolls worship the totems of their ancestors, and these are also carted around on the backs of beasts of burden, domesticated from the inhabitants of the Eastern Forest.