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Among all of the races, orcs are, by some counts, the most noble and pure. They refuse to live in the filthy cities of the humans, yet they are not as afraid of showing themselves as the elves are. They don't hang onto the human race like the parasitic hobbits and goblins, and while they appreciate gold and silver, they don't expend every last ounce of their life acquiring such transitory things. Orcs are more concerned about the truly natural beauty of life.

Not to be outdone by the other races, orcs, too, have thieves, yet they do not make it a virtual profession and lifelong study out of it like the less advanced humans, dwarves, elves, and halfling. When an orc is required to perform thieving tasks, it is generally conducted on his own time outside his traditional calling. Orcs do not have the wide variety of practiced thieving methods and techniques of the more experienced thieving races like humans, so when they must do a thieving action they are more straightforward and upfront. Orcs rarely engage in magic or psionics, though among the elders there is always someone who knows the spells necessary for assisting the orcs in the struggles of everyday life. Most orcs are dedicated in their religious beliefs, and sometimes this causes heartwrenching conflicts with their otherwise peaceful demeanors towards other races.

As orcs are more interested in the outdoors and in feats of physical prowess, they have, on average, excellent attributes of strength and health, though other attributes, most notably intelligence and willpower, are often derided by other races; the truth is that throughout orcish history there have been well over seven orcs of very above average intelligence. And the so-called low willpower of orcs is a disservice to the race; the many activities believed to be vices by other races are considered by orcs to be highly desired and respected traits, and it takes a good deal of fortitude and will to undertake the marathon imbibing of near poisonous quantities of beverages and herbal medications, the physically exhausting activities of procreation (often displaying their desire for racial harmony by allowing participation of other races in this behavior), and the constant tests of orchood through one-on-one recreational activities that true orcs must partake.


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