Mountain Elves

The tallest of all elves, mountain elves stand up to 1,6 meters tall. Their eyes are the palest shade of blue, and their hair as white as the snow upon the Falklow Mountains, forming a thick and protective hood. Much more serious and dignified than other elves, they frown while thinking (which is rather disconcerting to outsiders). They have as good infra- and long range vision as other elves, and their eyes deflect light depending on brightness, making them much more resistant to blinding light from snow.

Their festivals only occur during official events, and their execution is bound to a much more strict protocol than other elves' festivals. The harsh environment in which the mountain elves live has forced them to adapt highly organized groups, giving them a much harder time to change positions than most other tribes. While very eager to collect knowledge, they do not like to share it with those outside their tribe. Through their extensive collective knowledge, the mountain elves' magic abilities have reached a very advanced state, to the point that they prefer magic over the use of any weapon other than the composite longbow. They avoid magic deploying fire and warmth.

Mountain elves tend to have more problems in warmer areas than most elves do. As well as normally fashioning their clothes from wool and march cotton instead of lushk, these clothes cover most of their skin.

Plain Elves

The elves of the great plains refer to themselves as 'Askadash'. Their hair has colours ranging from greyish silver to golden, some times even showing shimmers of green, and their eyes are as golden as the midday sun reflecting off the sea. Even moreso than other elves, they have extremely good long range vision, which has led them to develop composite longbows using elastic straws from the plains, giving the bows longer range.

The plain elves are the shortest of elves, but still their run speed is unmatched.

A very pragmatic people, they refuse to be stymied by problems. If they encounter a problem, they solve it. They live in groups counting from 40 to 100 elves, without any appointed leaders. The plain elves are the most candid of elves, and have the highest number of celebrations. They love spending time with others even of different races, but become very easily depressed when alone. They are cheerful tricksters and love playing games. They often wear jewelry and adorn their hair with flowers.

Wood Elves

The wood elves, or sylvan elves as they also are called, are quite small, but also strong and dexterious as they build their homes in trees. They are excellent climbers, and favour shorter composite bows than most elves, due to the easier use in trees and the lessened need for long range because of the dense forest landscape.

Their eyes range from deep to bright green, and their hair is as black as the shadow of the deep woods. Due to their inherent shyness, they are rarely seen by other races. So rarely, in fact, that some people deny to acknowledge their existance at all. Though they are secluded from outsiders, they have an amazing rapport with other woodland creatures. As a result of their solitude, they have developed their own language and have learnt languages of their sylvan allies. The wood elves prefers the darkness more than the other surface elves, and their infravision is more developed.

A particularly striking feature of the wood elves is their melancholy, which is very evident in their songs and poems. They build strong bonds with friends and family, and tend to dwell on past tragedies.

The wood elves have no strict social structure, but those elves who excel in some tasks are often considered with great respect, and often function as councillors for others. They are the most adept shipwrights of all elves, and are very experienced in navigating the flowing forest rivers.

Desert Elves

A quite uncommon tribe, the desert elves live upon the great dunes of sand. Having learnt the ways of the arid landscape, they are adept hunters and scouts. They are most commonly found within oases and rtholyop colonies, and the few wandering elves tend to settle down once they locate an appropriate place.

Desert elves are adept at using bows, but usually favour long spears for their increased reusability. Their spears are adorned with cloth strips indicating which group they belong to.

Having evoluted hair in their ears and nose, they are the only elves who have hair in other places than on their heads and around the eyes. They also have longer and thicker eyelashes than most elves do. Their skin is a tanned colour of brown, and their eyes an enchanting haze of bronze and blue. They have long, straight hair coloured from purple via shades of red and pink to lightly brown.

Dark Elves

Living in deep cavern complexes, the dark elves have the most advanced infravision of all elves, though they have problems seeing proficiently in bright areas. Dark elf society is highly matriarchal with a harsh, exact pecking order. Males rarely get permission to travel on their own, especially outside their caverns. Fond of riddles, dark elves often dig out trapped mazes to protect their underground cities.

Dark elves have dark blue skin, silvery eyes and dark brown to black hair. They like colourful and beautifully adorned clothing for everyday usage, applying silver, gems, and other materials they mine while expanding their tunnel networks.

Swords have become the prime weapon of choice among dark elves, though they still use bows aboveground and from their underground castles.