Elves are mammals, giving birth like humans do. The gestation period is 4 years. Weaning typically occurs before 11 years of age. Although the tribes may vary in physique, all elves exhibit sexual dimorphism identically to humans. The milk glands of females always produce milk, and a group of adults often commonly look after the children, while others concentrate on other important tasks, like hunting, guarding, weaving, cooking, or similar. As such, elves may develop stronger bonds with their caretakers than their actual parents.

Though the various tribes have somewhat differing physique, visible trends include Elven females separated from males by their wider hips and shoulders, and taller stance, in addition to their breasts. Males and females often tend to wear similar clothing, typically fashioned for functionality and flowing beauty. Elves accept the distinction of male and female, but correct any usage of man and woman to 'elf,' seeing these terms as a human reference.

Possessing a short and slender build, young faces and emotional and playful outlooks on life, elves often seem like fragile children to humans. While elves find the protective attitude stemming from this annoying, their long patience allows them to have fun seeing humans do things inefficiently before showing them the extent of their Elven wisdom and knowledge.