One of the oldest and most mysterious races in the world

Elves, one of the elder races in Dural, came into existence after the war between the Immortals and the Dark Ones. In the many centuries since, different tribes formed and developed their own culture. This development of separate Elven cultures has led to great social, cultural and political variation.

Despite originating from the same source, the elves of today differ greatly in regards to skin, eye and hair colour, as well as minor differences in physique. Many decades ago, these differences caused a mass migration of elves from their homelands to other parts of the world, tearing numerous families apart in the process.

Since then, the cultural gaps between tribes have not been bridged, causing elves to refer to the current time as 'Milleyar,' which means 'the time of disjunction.' The elves believe that in the future a new age will arise when all elves will come together and live as one people again. This time of conjunction will be known as 'Telleyar.'

Elvish names sound melodious and foreign for human ears and can vary strongly from tribe to tribe. Elves often have many names, and veil several, as well as their origin, from outsiders. Humans who have been in contact with elves may often try to give their own offspring Elvish sounding names, but any elf can immediately recognize the name as human.