Moraf's Leadership

King: Donald III

King's Inner Circle: Aaron, Laris, Zorn and Havrack

King's Outer Circle: Turmin, Opal, Alexin, Poole, and others.

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Donald III

Donald the III was born as Don Oldsprung near the Teeth of Stone in Cambria. Like most common farm boys of the area, Don often drempt of adventure and riches, and so when he was of age, he struck out on his own. In Summerset, the nearest large town, he met Aaron, a bard apprentice, also seeking adventure. Together, they gathered a group of others with a similar intrest, and struck out for the north. With Don in the lead, the party snuck, fought, bullied, bluffed, and outsmarted their way on many adventures, which finally led them to the opportunity to seize the throne of the dispossesed and struggling Moraf. It is said that with the parties reputation, good timing, Aaron's quick wit, and some luck, the group over-threw the old king in under three hours. Much of this has been exagerated over the years, and in actuality, most of the coup was actually a combination of bribery and blackmail.

Don changed his name to Donald the III on the day of his coronation.





King's Outer Circle

The King's Outer Circle was originally composed of many of Moraf's leaders prior to the coup. Donald thought it wise to place those with knowledge of state afairs close enough to him to use... but not too close. Now, as the years have passed, members have slowly been replaced with men and women Donald trusts more, making a fine mixture of agreeable and disagreeable councilers.


Cities Villages Forts/Outposts
  • Moraul Point/Harbourguard
  • Fort Justice
  • Fort Lancetice
  • Fort Brachtice
  • Draykin Borderpost
  • Crecheguard

People Tales and Legends
  • Reginald's Curse?