A port city that has moved from poverty to being well on its way to greatness as a trade center. It is the Capital of Moraf.

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Haran was once a great trade center with a lengthy history. Stragically located at the delta of Ranilia River and Gingsport Harbour, it has been subject to the lowest of lows and the highest of heights. More battles have been fought in or near Haran than any other city in Moraf. It was partially destroyed when Ardmor initially laid claim to Moraf. Ardmor built it back up again as a trade center, but not as a capital. During Moraf's 400 years of independence, Haran felt the uncertainty and poverty of all Moraf, and rode on the waves of each new ruler.

Now, in Donald's care, it is returning to its former glory. Fed by 5 other rivers and dozens of streams, the Ranilia River provides easy transportation to the northern cities, and to the plains people. Trade ships buying and selling goods to the rest of the nation must first pass through Haran.

Wanting to take advantage of this trade, Donald rebuilt the walls of the city to encompass part of the river, and the outer town that had built up there. Imports can now be taxed, and Haran itself can take in trade wealth more easily. The river is now also guarded, so no enemy ship can pass without first having an armada to destroy the walls of the city itself.


The walls surround the city in an irregular shape, coming close to the water of the harbor, then retreating back to cross the river before it deltas. They cross the river again, then surround the city in a roughly squared-off circular shape.

The western wall has two gate areas.

The south-most is called "Three Gate", because of its three large gates which open out onto the Greater Docks. Most of the raw imports are brought into the city through these gates.

The docks themselves are usually teaming with life, as sailors and dockhands load and unload the great sea-ships. At any one time, one can see three to five sea-going vessels here. A smaller dock area juts off to the north, nearer the delta, where riverboats are loaded with products going north. Smaller seagoing vessels can take their own cargo up the river.

To the north on the west wall lies "Harbor Gate". It consists of one gate large enough for ships to pass through, and one small gate on either side for foot-traffic. From here, the river quickly branches out into its delta, with marshlands to either side. The south marshlands are covered with wooden walkways that are extensions of the Greater Docks.

The north wall holds River Gate, which allows ships to pass through, and again has gates on either side for foot traffic.

There is an East Gate which is the most seldom used. The road leading from here heads off towards Denar and Falklow.

Two Gate allows passage through the south wall, and the road that leads to the Harbourguard fortification. Much like Three Gate, it is named after the number of gates, two.

Three Gate leads into the main fare through the city, Brander's Way. One will at first encounter businesses of industry, those who make goods from the raw imports coming into the city. Thankfully, Donald has been trying to encourage these business to move just to the south of the main fare, to help make this street more impressive to visitors.

Further east along the Brander's Way, the shopes become nicer, as traders and merchants of every kind of been profiting off of the good trade of late. One can find sellers of find clothing, jewelry, foods, and weapons. One can also find many of the tradesguilds along this street, as well as Inns for the weary (well-to-do) traveler.

Palaceside Park adorns the end of Brander's Way. Donald has spend a great deal of money renovating this park, and some say it now surpasses its origional speldor. There are three great fountains in the center of the park, one more ancient than the park itself, and two new ones. Trees and plants of all types have been brought from far countries to bespeckle the green grass.

Donald has made this park beautiful because just beyond it lies his palace. His own bedroom tower stands above the park, where he can gaze down upon it at the end of a hard day of ruling. It comforts him, and some say, each beautiful fountain he commisions is a gift to his wife.

Like many castles, the Palace is a mix of the very very old, somewhat old, and the brand new. Most of the old structure was long torn down through war and decay, but what was left, Donald has tried to rebuild. He has also added on two wings. The palace itself is protected by its own small inner wall.

Annexed to the north palace wall, with doorways leading into the palace through the wall, is the University. Built by Laris, the main portion, though small, is the center of higher educational activity in Moraf, and he has named it after himself, "Laris University of Higher Knowledge". The smaller wing, called the "Lesser School", is for the education of the younger citizens interested in obtaining more knowledge than common trade work can provide. It is said that Laris makes a tremendous profit from these schools, but he claims they are for the good of Moraf. Perhaps both statements are true.

Harbour Gate opens into the Lesser Docks. The river curves slightly through the city, cutting off one corner, called Braggart's Half, before it exits to the north. The docks line both sides of the river for nearly its entire in-city length, about a quarter of a mile. These docks are mainly for the import and export of already made items (non-raw materials).

Braggart's Half, while actually only composed of a small portion of the city, is the darker part of Haran. Is a respit for sea-weary sailors and a haven for theives and villans.

There is one inn here unofficially called "The Princess's Girdle", and two taverns with no name at all, other than, "That joint over there". The Guild of Secret Ways is also here, where the theives officially gather. There are also several shops which cater to the sailors, who often find themselves with plenty of newfound money after pulling into shore. The west-most building is the shipwright's, where several boats are built per year, plus the occational ship.

Gambling thrives in Braggart's Half, though it has been outlawed by Donald. Enforcement of the law is not too tight, but it forces the low-lifes to keep a low-profile, which is exactly what Donald wants.

A wide stone foot-bridge connects Braggart's Half to the rest of the city. Just on the other side of the river is the Open Market, where the more transient merchants can set up temporary shop. Like in the Bazaar's in the southlands, one can always find something interesting to buy here, but you'd better buy today -- this booth might not be here tomorrow.


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