Children of Freedom

The Children of Freedom is a multi-racial organization to help escaped slaves from Ardmor.

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The Children of Freedom is a loose organization commited to helping slaves that have escaped from Ardmor. Many of the Children are escaped slaves themselves.

Ardmor is highly xenophobic of other races, and is known to enslave non-human peoples who are unfortunate enough to make their travels there. Moraf was once a part of Ardmor, and when it fell into disorganization and Moraf became its own nation, the slaves in Moraf's territory were freed. Many non-humans in Moraf are decended from said slaves.

The Children of Freedom began during Reginald I's reign, and has been one of the few things that Moraf has done right in the past centuries.

Mostly, the Children help smuggle slaves into Moraf, and help to hide them when vindictive owners come looking for them. They also help escpaed slaves begin new lives, and in some cases, human members are bold enough to purchase slaves to buy their freedom. They do not openly fight against the abolishment of slavery, however it is rumored there are more clandestine plots at getting it outlawed.

The current rulership of Moraf will deny the existance of the Children to any who asks, though in secret, most of the King's Inner Circle sympathize with them. Aaron himself is an active leader in the Children.


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  • Moraul Point/Harbourguard
  • Fort Justice
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  • Draykin Borderpost
  • Crecheguard

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  • Reginald's Curse?