Isles of Eli


The Isles of Eli is a small group of islands to the west of central Dural.


About 500BPC, the islands were ruled by a crazed human called Eli. He wanted to take over the world but could only manage this small island group. His army had a few bases round the islands, but mostly on the large plain. About 400BPC, Ardmor took over the whole area.


The Isles of Eli, Neraya and The Wandering Isles are closely related in history. The largest settlement on the Isle of Eli is on the largest island. It has a good harbour to the southeast. The Settlement is called Leemel. Leemel is a trade centre for the surrounding area and islands. The northern coast of the town is mostly boat builders. Fish, boats and wood are the major exports from the Isles of Eli. Fishermen are very common in the waters around the Isles, and there are stories of pirates.


text by Lee and artwork by zzorn