Draykin is called the Home of Magic, many saying that it is where said mystical power first came to be. The land of Draykin is that of legends. Like Avalon in our own world, Draykin is a place said to exist throught time and space, existing and yet not really there. Draykin is called the Home of Magic, many saying that it is where said mystical power first came to be. But that would mean either that Draykin has been around since the beginning of the world, or that some external force created that power. This is only one of a thousand secrets that legends speak of as hidden in Drakin's walls.

Everything you read here is that of legends.


In the midst of a rather large cluster of low but steep mountains is a round crater, covered in mists resmbling those of a foggy night on the shores of a lake. There the mountainsides are vertical, an unclimbable surface facing in on a natural (?) clearing. In this circle of land is where the city of Draykin sits, extending to fill nearly every acre of land available.


Draykin is governed by a council of sages. The council is in turn governed by a Lord Magus. The council is made of 9 Magi (plural of Magus), and the Lord Magus. All decisions, no matter how large or small, go through this council, with Lord Magus getting 2 votes to the Magus's one. (resulting in no ties). The Maguses are appointed by the Lord Magus, which is appointed by, as rumors say, powers beyond those of men. The Magi, as well as the people of Draykin, are not bothered by political affairs of the outside, and have been in existance for such times that their own land is in a state of peace and perfection. The Magi can observe the outside through looking glasses and the like, and through this can watch the world.


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