It is not easy to determine exactly what Denar is. Those interested must make three major distinctions. In theory Denar still is officially 'Province of the Greater Realm of Mostice and Ard'. Not even Ardmor itself cares about the title and considers it a renegade province like every other nation around. So in reality Denar is an independent state. Almost at least. Even this statement however would not be quite true, for Moraf is holding Denar in such a tight economical and political grip that it is commonly considered a mere appendix of its large neighbour.


The Duke of Norwoth reigns supreme over the small country. At least he does so in internal matters. As soon as it comes to foreign affairs he won't dare to do anything else than whatever the moraf ambassador tells him to do.


Mean-spirited souls would call the inhabitants of Denar lethargic and slow. Those with more tact will simply say that they are not excited as easily as people of other countries. Denarians don't care who governs them as long as the current ruler doesn't collect too many taxes or starts a war.


The native inhabitants of Denar are all humans.


Denar's technology is comparable to the early Middle Ages.


Like in most farming countries magic is viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism but there is no hostility against magic users.


There is only minor trade but the country depends on Moraf to supply the small quantities of raw materials like iron ore and the like which are needed even by an exclusively agricultural nation. Due to the Contract of Partnership trade is only permitted with Ardmor.

Law and Order

There is no organized army apart from the Duke's Guards. This small order of well-trained men enforce the law in all of Denar. Settlements are left to defend themselves in case of emergency.


Denar was once a micro-kingdom which consisted of the town of Norwoth and some small villages. Like the rest of what today makes up Moraf it was conquered by Ardmor and integrated into the empire as province. The king was executed and was substituted by a duke loyal to Ardmor. As long as the Rule of Ardmor lasted there were no disturbances of the peace in the country since Ardmor imposed only moderate taxes.

When the empire Ardmor had set up started to fall apart no one in Denar really took notice. The cities around the province rebelled and became independant and forged an alliance which resulted in the founding of Moraf. Denar neither bothered to rebell against Ardmor nor did it join Moraf. The taxes continued to be collected but flowed into the treasure rooms of the Duke, the troops of the Army of Ardmor were sometime later renamed into the Duke's Guards and Moraf instead of Ardmor supplied needed materials.

About 150 years after Ardmor was driven out of the region Moraf started to show interest in 'taking over' Denar. To preserve his reign the then-ruling Duke Reinald II. signed the Contract of Partnership. In it Denar promises to concede 30% of its annual tax-income to Moraf, to keep its army small, to trade exclusively with Moraf and to follow Moraf's 'diplomatic guidelines'. Thus the small country surrendered its souvereignity in exchange for internal autonomy. Up to this day every Duke has followed the terms of the contract to the letter.


If you ask someone in Dural whether he knows where Denar lies, you are sure to get the answer 'Denar? Isn't that a province of Moraf somewhere up in the north?'. To the outsider there is no real difference between Denar and Moraf despite some differences in internal affairs.