Official Name: Agrilan in the south of Cambria, founded 4 years after the Arrival

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Agrilan is located in the south of Cambria near to the border to Sarbar. The castle Caer Jassad controls the main rift valley, containing Summerset, as well as its southern branches. Agrilan is in the largest of these branches, in a valley that was formed by the lowering of the land several ages ago. The changes in the land forced Nardonar river into its current bed. Since the river has calmed down over the centuries, it is now safe to live in the valley, even during the spring floods.

Agrilan's site is elevated above the surrounding valley. To the east is the Nardonar. The Haretone Forest's outskirts reach Agrilan in the southwest, and extend into the Dark Vale in the south. A range of hills protects Agrilan from floods of the Eluryh Lake, to the north. There is a saying that the rocky formations that are visible in the center of the lake and on the small island in the Tesayre stream are reminants of former times, before the creation of the riftwall. There is rumored to be an entry below the formations which lead to buildings built in the same period as the foundations of Caer Jassad.


Total: 20 Humans: 16 Elves: 2 Half-Elves: 1 Dwarves: 1


Agrilan was founded on the west bank of the Nardonar river 4 years a.A., about 30 years after Summerset. Summerset is a direct connection to Caer Jassad even if the Nardonar is impassable due to high flood.

The founder Argile Stoutlaw intended it to be a major trading town, but those plans were halted by his murder early in his term as mayor. Since then, not much has come of the town. The name Agrilan originates in the land's predominant utilization as farmland.

Agrilan currently has a population of only 20, and offers little more than a few shops, a farm, a blacksmith, a town hall, and an inn. Since the inhabitants of Agrilan are almost the only people living in this part of the river valley, their knowledge about the paths, routes and passages of the area are important to travellers. Locals often act as guides for travellers who need to cross the cliffs on their way to Aes'Aeion or Caer Jassad. However, no one in agrilan will enter the Haretone Forest.


The culture is predominantly Cambrige. There's no entertainment except for the occasional travelling entertainer from Cambria or the neighbouring nations.


Law and Military Agrilan is one of the rare places in which law and government are in the hand of one person, namely Raredi Altow. He has been elected from the inhabitants of Agrilan because he has studied law for many years. It was expected that Agrilan would benefit from his experience and his fair jurisdiction. For important issues all inhabitants older than sixteen meet at the major's mansion to decide the best for their village. Usually the jurisdiction is adapted to Cambria's codex.


in Agrilan feel secure without additional military structures, because of the neighboring castle Caer Jassad, 5 km away. There is a busy barter between the castle and Agrilan, because Caer Jassad covers his primary needs of food and weapons in Agrilan.


Since there is not a druid in Agrilan, religious feeling there is not particularly intense.


Despite Argile Stoutlaw's intentions, business in Agrilan is slack. It is sufficiant enough to allow a simple living standard, but not enough for anyone to become a rich.


The blacksmith of Agrilan are famous for the making of Cambrige helmets and chain mails. It is selfevident that they can make various other weapons and utility articles.


There is no magican currently living in Agrilan. If one of the inhabitants does have some magic abilities, then this has not become public knowledge.

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