Cabrina Za Tai

Official Name: Cabrin Za Tai (means Followers of Shadow) often called in slang, Shadows or Wraiths.

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Major Cities

Lost Towns & Cities


The Cabrin live at the base of a box canyon, with high rock walls on all sides. The Cabrin have built their city both on the ground there, as well as created some buildings out of the rock walls, making a layered, terrace effect.


The Shadows are a simple people, that use what most would consider a 'traditional' governmental structure. They have a monarchy, running from their ruler, which is a Queen, with the King as the secondary. Government runs through the woman primarily, unless there is no queen. (the queen dies, or only a son is born. Queen-consort does not hold as much power as the king, blood is stronger than marital vows) Court is held with councilours and aides, with have discussions with the royal couple.


The Shadows are the human version of a 'classic', Tolkien dwarf. From their home in the side of the cliffs, they have dug deep tunnels and mines, where they have pulled both precious gems, and more importantly, strong building and smithing metals from the various layers of rock in the cliffs. They get their names from the darkness they work in, and from the fact that the sun only strikes their home from 11-1 because of the cliffs. They are a very money-centered people, and their mining and creating of things.


The Shadows are all human, though they are very pale skinned, and due to their miner backgrounds, often powerfully built. While they act like dwarves, they have none of those qualities.


The Shadows can not 'afford' their own language, as the Common language suits their needs adaquately. They are not a people of many frivolous things, they are too busy with their mining and production to worry about a language that other peoples would need to spend time learning in order first do business. It is said that the first people of the Caibrin had an old language, but it has long since faded out of use.


As with language, the Caibrin don't use a calendar system of their own, but use the more standard month/week/day system. They have a few major holidays. Founding Day, which was on the 13th of the third month of the year, symbolizes the day the city was founded. (hence the name) New Years is still the same, and mid year's day is Dragon's Day, which is said to be used to honor a battle of many weeks of the Caibrin against a drake that came from inside the tunnels 30 years after the founding of the city.


The Shadows use a steel-age technology level, involving mine shafts, pick axes, blacksmith forges, and all the like. They can forge chainmail armor, but do not deal with plate mail. They do, however, use armored wagons for transporting their gold and gems.


The Shadows have no magic of their own, and dislike anyone with magic. Magic is something not man (or dwarvish, or elvish) made, and so don't trust it's use. They are especially afraid that such powers could make their fortunes and mines dissapear.


Yes! They are more than willing to produce great armor, jewlery, and all the rest for anyone who wishes to pay for it, and they send great trading caravans out to major cities in order to peddle their wares. Caibrin goods fetch a heavy price by some, and many nobles tend to order specialty swords, with jeweled hilts and fine edges from the Shadows at hefty fees.

Law and Order

Crime. Don't do it. The Shadows are extremly strict in all crimes, but burglury ranks right beneath murder, right along with high treason. The Caibrin also believe in an Eye for an eye system... murder gets the death penalty, and theivery gets the hand cut off. Cities and mines are both heavily patrolled by both their own police force, and mercenaries, who tend to like Caibrins because of the good pay they can expect.


Once again, the Caibrin don't deal in their own deitys, and use those of the common world. However, they only tend to worship the god/goddess of commerce and the smithing god. Temples are devoted to these two, and before every caravan leaves, a service is led, and tribute left for both powers.


I think it's been for the most part covered.

Perception of/by others

Everyone is a customer to the Caibrin. Except mages. (covered already) Most races believe the Caibrin are just merchants, who make excellent wares, and so are tolerated by all. Except mages.