This is the city of the mages.

Basic Overview

Aes'Aeion is a city of mages devoted to higher learning. The mages there study for many years in various arts. There are 13 main schools of magic there and one member from each school is chosen to be on the mage council.

Aes'Aeion is a set of 13 towers in a circle in the forest connected by skywalks and a huge underground area. The towers are a shiny whitish color to those that can see through the illusion. For those who can not it just looks like another part of the forest. In the center of the circle is a node of power which looks similar to stonehenge.

Aes'Aeion is almost completely peaceful and that is exhibited in its defense systems which are non lethal and most of the time not even noticed.


The defense of Aes'Aeion is organized in three main ways. All of these ways are nonlethal and most are never noticed. It is believed by the council that the best block is not being there to be a target so the entire defense of the city is organized in this way. The city is protected from discovery and people are encouraged by spells not to see it.

Level 1 Defense

The first level of defense is that an area about 5 miles around the city is set with a powerful ward spell that slowly diverts people walking through this area. People don't notice they are slowly getting diverted until they walk around the entire city. Also the city is prevented from being seen by very powerful enchantments that are the results of spell weaving. Masters from many different traditions got together to weave these defensive spells. Mostly for redundancy and to make the spells harder to break through. Also behind every ward of spells to keep people away there are attack wards for if those spells are broken. Thus if you break the ward to keep people away from Aes'Aeion you would be attacked by pyromancer, aquamancer, geomancer, aeromancer, thanomancer, necromancy, planewalker, and summoner wards. This is to protect the city and to give those in the city time to prepare for an attack if you should break the wards. The reason for these being so deadly is that it is assumed you are hostile if you break the wards.

Level 2 Defense

This level is defined mostly be the traps that are of non lethal nature. There are many pits in the paths leading to Aes'Aeion and other fun traps. If you go through one of these warded areas you fall asleep and an alarm goes off to summon someone to look at what should be done with you. The most common thing is to move you out of the area and wake you back up. If you resist a trap they turn deadly like those from the above level do but these ones are worse. The farther you go towards the city for more deadly the traps can become.

Level 3 Defense

The level 3 Defense is when you are at the city itself. The city has no walls and the illusions here are very very powerful. Many mages gave their lives for these enchantments and they have remained for about 1000 years. It is quite possible to walk right between the towers and never seen them because of the enchantments. However if you manage to break the weave of the spell you set off all kinds of hellish wards. You also set off alarms in the mage towers that calls the mages to war. In a time of war those who lead the mages are the warmages. They are the ones trained in battle tactics, leadership, and have taking the lessons in how to best use mages in a war. Even the council at that time falls under the leadership of the warmage who sits on the council. In time of war the warmage who sits on the council is given complete authority to do what is best for all mages. It is a heavy responsibility and one very few people know about.