The Gazetteer section covers the mortal realms and powers that be. Below is a listing of all the independant countries. The section is organized by country now, so each settlement is listed under its country.

Maps Atlas of Dural.
artwork by Zzorn

Ardmor A twin city state that rejects magic
Cabrina Za Tai What you get when you mix Dwarves and Humans.
Cambria The land of the Cambriges.
Council of Sarnak A collection of Ork tribes.
Dark Vale Anarchic land of villainry
Denar A small realm at the border of Moraf.
Draykin The legendary city of Magi.
Earldom of Falklow An area populated by old social groups of rice growers.
Levbolne A nation with a Western European-like culture and a long, proud history.
Moraf A nation ruled by a party of adventurers.
Neraya A quaint, sub-tropical, out-of-the-way island.
Qethai Reef An aquatic community of Merfolk.
Sabar Land of adventure
Selernia A trading town at the fork of the Jensa and Volesh Rivers, known for the prize horses and fine rugs they export.
Shalkrin A city state ruled by an theocracy.
The Dunes of Syllus An ancient lost land.
The Jaws Wandering Isles.
Aes'Aeion The University-City which is home to the Mage Guild
Forgotten Cities Ruins and places, hardly remembered by the people nowadays...
Isles of Eli Island group in the west of the Silver Sea, very similar to New Zealand