Economy Research and Modelling for Dural

Research into having a sustainable economy in Dural.

By Milamber


These are the works in progress of economic research into providing a sustainable economy for Dural. With the diverse cultures and races already present in Dural, trade in goods will happen between races and towns within the known world. Almost all races and communities will not be able to produce all the items they need to sustain high cultures. Extra wealth generated by a community raises the standard of living of a culture. The segregation of money and education can drastically alter the cultures class structure and politics.

I will be investigating and trying to model the distribution of wealth and resources with a view to creating self-correcting algorithms. These algorithms when applied will form the basis by which Dural's economy will run. If at all possible I will be creating generic algorithms that can be applied to any economy, be it sci-fi, modern, medieval or barter.

I am not a economics student, and the purpose of this investigation is not to model a true economy. But to have a realistic economy with the ability to have self correction, as well as the ability for WF admins to create economy based events (Famine, War, Trade).

How close the mathematics of ecology is to economics is yet to be seen. But I am keeping in mind they share some of the same problems in an MMORPG situation.


White Papers
        The initial research into economics.
    MMORPG Solutions
        Detailing several possible solutions and their pros and cons
        Detailing the agreed solution's algorithms 

    A database of items and their components/ingredients, base costs and production times. This database would form the starting point and become the point of reference for durals' economics

    A economic simulator in several stages.
        Stage 1
            An economic simulator to test algorithms
        Stage 2
            Front end added to show the economy in graphic format, and allow the user to tweak economic settings.
        Stage 3
            Addition of Atlas to allow Midas to become an administration client of Stage.

    Should the ecology mathematics couple closely with the economics. Midas can be leveraged to provide an ecology administration client.