This page describes what a vampire can do, its different abilities and weaknesses. It will also have a list of things, which still need discussing.

Basics of vampirism

A vampire is a being that needs blood in order to survive. One becomes a vampire mostly not by own choice but by being bitten by one, thus being cursed with the Dark Gift. Being bitten results not always in becoming a vampire, the vampire has to have the intention on making the victim a vampire such as himself.

Vampires are not immortal, but like elves have a greatly increased life span. Also not known widely is the fact that vampires do not have superhuman strength, they are merely somewhat stronger then an average well-trained human fighter. But there are recorded cases of vampires who do have superhuman abilities, whether they used to be mages, druids or that they were magically converted to a vampire is not known.

Defenses against vampires

There are many things that may shun, hurt or kill a vampire. Most of them are common knowledge or at least recorded in legends and stories. Garlic is one of the most widely known vampire-repellents but one cannot always be 100% sure that it will repel the vampire. Legend also says that a vampire cannot enter a home unless it has been invited. Of course not all vampires have the same sensitivity to these kind of defenses.

To holy attacks a vampire is especially sensitive, since his "curse" is of a evil nature and the fact that it's an undead creature (it does however have a soul). They however might only repel him, and the stronger the vampire, the more resistance it might have against these attacks. Holy attacks include: Holy water, blessed items (including weapons), certain spells and holy artifacts. A stake thought the hearth will kill a vampire for sure, but getting it there without someone, the vampire itself for example, that wants to prevent you from doing that might be hard.

Sunlight will surely hurt a vampire, but they are (once again against some believes) not destroyed from the moment the sun touches them. Even though it hurts them much, vampires can withstand the sun for short periods.


Vampires have the ability to shift into different shapes. One of the most widely know shapes is that of a peasant, as this enables the vampire to see some of the city nightlife without being spotted and killed. Other forms in which vampires are believed to be able to shift are: Wolf, shadow/mist and bat form. This way vampires have many ways to hide from humans and take them by surprise. However, taking these forms draw energy (mana) from the vampire and he can thus only keep the form as long as he has the energy for it.

The wolf form has many advantages. A wolf can travel fast, will not be very much noticed in the field, and has great stealth. Vampires in wolf-form are a bit larger wolf then a normal wolf. The mist-form allows the vampire to travel even more stealthy then in Wolf-from, but it has neither speed nor strength and will thus mostly be used to sneak up to victims or to escape detection.Of the bat-form not much is known. If they indeed could take this shape it would be a very good shape for crossing great distances or reaching high places.