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Open Racer Media

This section contains various media related information and stuff.


Gregory Brubaker has prepared a detailed description of the current Open Racer map format.

UI Graphics


An environment consists of three main parts; settings, textures, and environment maps. The settings contains various properties of the environment, such as name, description, icon, lighting condition, and possibly other special effects such as snow.


- Format?
- Properties:
  • Name of environment
  • Short description of environment
  • Icon or picture representing the environment (size?)
  • Terrain types in the environment
    • Texture(s) that each terrain type uses
    • What friction it has
    • Sound caused by each terrain type
    • Info on the particles lifted into the air when moving over the terrain.
  • Environment map to use
  • Possible special conditions in this environment (should each special condition have the possibility to redefine some/all parameters? Wouldn't they be separate environments then?)
  • Music files used in this environment?
  • Other stuff?


Some textures by zzorn can be found on Purple. There are also textures in the media tgz file.

Environment Maps

Environment maps by zzorn can also be found on Purple.



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