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Contributing to Open Racer

There is a lot of work to be done, but here is what we need the most at the current time:

Concept Ideas: the goal of the Open Racer project is to develop in a direction that drifts away from the commercial Tux Racer game while still allowing people to play the original GPLed game. This way we don't have a catch-up game like the one between Xemacs and Emacs. We started out intending to make a gaming engine, then decided against it, then decided for it after all. However, we still need to decide on what game we need to implement with the engine. We also need lots of ideas from people.


I am willing to be the temporary maintainer, but I hope someone will come along with a real vision for the project and take over for me

Coding:We need coders. You don't have to be super smart. Just fiddle around with the source and send in cool hacks.We are also working towards making Open Racer a gaming engine for racing style games. There are a lot of things that are involved with this, as we plan on porting the codebase to PLIB. So sign up on the mailing list if you're interested in throwing in a hand or two.

Artists: One of the neatest things about the original Tux Racer has been its spectacular art. Good graphics make or break a game, and talented artists are needed to continue this fine tradition. If you would like to contribute to Open Racer's multimedia content, please contact our Multimedia Content Director, Gregory Brubaker

--J. Nathan Matias

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