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News Working
CompoundDoc speedups
Structured Text Caching
RimDungeon #4 (Comic)
RimDungeon #3 (Comic)
RimDungeon #5 (Comic)
3d Apps Comparison Chart
Merry Christmas
Project Status
RimDungeon #6 (Comic)
RimDungeon #7 (Comic)
Atlas-Java source and binary releases
Resistance is futile
Audio Whitepaper
The Chopping Block returns!
New Chopping Block
WorldForge Windows Support
New CVS Script
Sear - A 3D client
New Debian packages
New Chopping Block
Chopping Block for June 2002
Chopping Block for July 2002
RDF News Feed
WorldForge achieves Silver Sponsorship of the Blender Foundation
Chopping Block - Aug/Sep issue is out!
Cyphesis 0.1.93
Chopping Block for October released!
Eris 0.9.6 released.
November Chopping Block
Announcing Durabuild 0.0.9
Cyphesis 0.2 spotted
Cyphesis 0.2 confirmed
Uclient 0.15.1
King's Feast 0.0.2 released
Sear 0.4.4 Released!
WorldForge Logo Design Contest!
Core Service Backup Update
Recent Tidbits
Atlas-C++ 0.4.6 release
skstream 0.2.5 and wfmath 0.2.11 releases
varconf 0.6.0 release
WorldForge at LinuxTag
Project Status
Gaudi development release 0.1.3
Gaudi 0.1.4 released
LinuxTag a Success!
LinuxTag Heads in CVS
Sage 0.1.0 released
Sear 0.4.6 released
Gaudi 0.1.5 released
Panthera 0.0.1 - First development release
WFMath 0.3 released
Indri webpages added
WorldForge Logo Contest
skstream 0.3.0 release
Source Mage packages available
WorldForge ToolKit release
Kitten 0.0.2 released
WFUT now has a Java Web Start link
Pyfeast 0.0.3 released
pyfeast 0.0.1 released
pyfeast 0.0.2 released
WorldForge Weekly News
Atlas-C++ 0.4.93 released
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Debian mirror has been updated
wftk version 0.7.0 released
UClient 0.16.0
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
Sage 0.1.1 Released
Sear 0.4.7
UClient 0.16.1
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
WorldForge Weekly News
Cyphesis 0.3.0
Media Repository is alive!
Updated Sear for OS-X
WorldForge Weekly News
LinuxTag 2004 Poster
LinuxTag Photos
Sear 0.5.0 Released
Cyphesis 0.3.1 Release
Mason 0.2
WorldForge Weekly News 2: The Chronicles of Riddoch
Cyphesis 0.3.2 Release
EntityForge 0.2 released
Cyphesis 0.3.4 Release
Varconf 0.6.2 Release
EntityForge 0.2.1 Release
Atlas-C++ 0.5.91 Released
Cyphesis 0.3.5 Release
Eris 1.2.1 Release
Cyphesis 0.3.6 Release
skstream 0.3.3 release
Cyphesis 0.3.7 Release
Eris 1.3.2 Released
Atlas-C++ 0.5.92 Released
Eris 1.2.2 Released
Cyphesis 0.3.8 Release
Eris 1.3.3 Released
Ember 0.2.0 Release
Equator 0.1.0 Release
WorldForge at LinuxTag 2005
Cyphesis 0.3.9 Released
Atlas-C++ 0.5.94 Release
Eris 1.3.4 Released
Eris 1.3.5 Released
Mercator 0.2.2 Release
Ember 0.3.0 release
Cyphesis 0.3.10 Released
Sear nightly builds and testing
Atlas-C++ 0.5.96 Release
WFMath 0.3.4 Release
Mercator 0.2.3 Release
Cyphesis 0.3.11 Release
Eris 1.3.6 Released
Ember 0.3.1 released
Eris 1.3.7 Released
Cyphesis 0.3.12 Release
Skstream 0.3.5 Release
Atlas-C++ 0.5.97 Release
Cyphesis 0.4.1 Release
Ember 0.3.2 released
Cyphesis 0.5.0 Release
Atlas-C++ 0.5.98 Release
Cyphesis 0.5.1 Release
Eris 1.3.8 Released
Ember 0.3.3 Release
Sage 0.1.2 Release
The WorldForge Project
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