Online Services

A number of online services are available for WorldForge developers, and are publicly accessible by anyone interested in WorldForge.

Launchpad is used to host WorldForge bug tracking and design documents.

WorldForge News
The WorldForge Developer's Journal is used to track and public news and announcements.

The Forums provide an opportunity for open discussion, asking questions, and general chat.

The Wiki allows easy upload and editing of documentation, guides and tutorials. Check it out for a tutorial of FAQ about something you are having difficulty with.

The WorldForge irc network consists of a small number of irc servers and is provided as a communications forum for developers. Most development discusion occurs on irc. The main discusion and social channel is #lounge.

Mailing List
Mailing Lists on a variety of subjects are provided for slower communication.

CVS is provided for handling all WorldForge source code.

Subversion is provided as a repository for all WorldForge media files.

Legacy Service Information

The services below are probably no longer available, and are no longer in active use.

Request Tracker
RT is used as a request tracker to handle tasks, and as a bug tracking system.

The Articles archive contains older guides, tutorials and documents about WorldForge.

Chopping Block
The chopping block newsletter was used in the early days of the project to provide updates and articles.