Talking to a NPC

Apogee Forest

A close up of a tree

The starting position from afar

Talking with the marshall

Fighting goblins

Viewing a new wall model

Our reskinned globin model

Walking to the sty in Ember

A Quiet Pool

A settler on walking through by the forest

The village in the distance

Walking through a forest

New Squirrel and Flower

Editing a character

Goblins attacking the castle

Walking through the forest

A village from afar

Settlers prepare for defence

A village

A Goblin Raid

Dealing with a merchant

Equator World Editor

A Beach Party

A forest

Editing the terrain

Editing and chatting

A misty valley

Sear: Pig Seller

A view from the river

Near the goblins in Ember


A Horse

Approaching a village

A naked man in Ember

Testing new armour textures