This section of the website is no longer maintained, and much of its contents is almost certainly out of date.

Current Projects

A lot of new people have shown interest in WorldForge as a result of Linuxtag and the Acorn 0.4 release. A common request seems to be a list of open tasks.

So here's a list of current open tasks and areas that are in active development. A very short project summary is also included, to give a general feeling of what is going on. Apologies in advance if we have forgotten something that should be on the list, please notify the infra team in that case so that it can be added to the web page. Thanks to Aglanor and all the other helpful people on IRC for finding various obscure bits of information.

If you are new to WorldForge, first take a look Pato's excellent newbie guide if you haven't already.

Short Project Status

Currently we are


- People interested on working on the STAGE server should look at the stage pages and introduce themselves on server@worldforge.org. You can also drop in on the next weekly STAGE meeting (these are usually held on Saturdays, at 2000 GMT, in #stage on irc.worldforge.org ).
(more on STAGE)

The initial UI design for the blueprint editor, called Gaudi, is available. zzorn is the contact person for anybody that wants to tackle the blueprint editor,

A map editor for terrain, Ptah, is also in development. Brent Bartels is responsible for Ptah, and Ptah can be discussed on client@worldforge.org


- Now that Mason is almost ready for first release we need to find the remaining bugs and fix them. Finding bugs and generating good bug reports is very valuable help for the coders. Bug reports can be submitted at our RT. There are uclient, cyphesis and other queues.

- Also, trying to duplicate elusive errors found by other users could be useful, as well as verifying that bugs marked as fixed really have been squished.


- The process of setting up an Cyphesis/Mason server could perhaps be documented.

Game Design

- Most of the Mason design has been worked out to some degree in many meetings, documented in half finished documents, and presented in email exchanges (mostly on rules@) Now is the time to organize these, and write them down in concrete descriptions and class diagrams. The finished implementation documentation will be on the Mason page mostly in the Technology section.
zzorn is coordinating Mason design.

- Sands of Syllus is in an earlier stage of development, so if you would like to be able to affect the final game design more, then this could be a good game effort to join. Halsted is currently coordinating Syllus, and is doing a great job of fleshing out the game area, the culture, and the people. The actual way the game would be played, and how that should be implemented, are still somewhat open. (go here)

- There's also other planned games, such as Archipelago, Catacombs, Acid Tempest, Werewolf, and others. These games are in a very early planning stage, so if you would like to participate in the initial, brainstorming like development phase of a game, these would be ideal.
Lee is coordinating Archipelago, Catacombs and Werewolf have no coordinator.

Also take a look at our master plan, explaining the order of the games, and their general objectives general@worldforge.org or rules@worldforge.org can be used to discuss these (more specific stuff can stay in rules@, introductions and initial concept ideas could be posted to general@ too.).

World Design

- The world design area has been active lately. We have decided to carefully update Ardmor to an early steampunk technology. Also look at recent discussion in rules@, worlds@ and general@. You can use news.worldforge.org to access old emails.
Halsted and zzorn have expressed interest in working on this, contact them to coordinate efforts.

- There's also a steaming new jungle continent, Sanjarica, that isn't even on the maps yet. It will be located south of Syllus, and have a dark and varied interior, with lots of room for hidden horrors, wonderful treasures, and strange places and creatures. There's some discussion on rules@, worlds@ and general@, as well as in the IRC archives about Sanjarica. You can use news.worldforge.org to access old emails. Halsted and zzorn are working on Sanjarica currently, but there's always room for more writers, as it is a big and varying continent. Discussion could take place on the world@ mailing list, or on IRC.


- 3D models, textures, some 2D art, and concept sketches would all be welcome. We are even working on a comic to define some of the background for Sands of Syllus, a future game.

- Acorn still needs 3D models of the characters. The ones used currently are free only when rendered to 2D animations, not as 3D meshes, so we can't use them in the three dimensional XClient. (To-do list)

- See a general task list related to Mason, and information about working on media for Mason.

Anything Else

And remember, this is just a suggestion of some of the things that are currently active and could use help. You are free to look around the website on your own, and find something that you would like to work on. Or if you think of something that you feel should be, but isn't mentioned anywhere, feel free to start working on it. Just drop a mail to general@ or another appropriate mailing list first, presenting your idea, so that you don't accidentally start working on something that already was under way, and so that other interested people can team up with you.

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