Worlds Development Status

The Worlds Team recently released version 0.0.0 of the Duralsaur, the source book to the world of Dural. It does not contain much information, but it is a guideline to future development. It is available at:

The team is nearly finished the first of the document reviews, and is still working through issues related to the automated generation of the website and the Duralsaur. The team has meetings at 2100 GMT on Fridays.


Uclient ("mason") has been tagged and released. The Mason code has been merged with the main branch.


Cyphesis Server

Cyphesis is now considered feature complete for Mason and is at version 0.1.92.


Stage Server

Stage v0.1.0 has been tagged and released. The source tarball can be found on the Worldforge FTP server


If you want to include your project here, please send any status reports to the announce@ mailing list. Any special CVS activity you can just email me.