The Winner Takes it all, Part III

By Kai Blin

"What's this scum doing on my ship?" the captain boomed Thorbjørn fierce enough to melt into the mast.

‘That's it.’ He thought. ‘he's going to have me killed. Farewell dear Sheyla. I won't see you again.’

"Captain, if I may," Small interrupted. "We found him on the ship we just boarded"

"Oh?" the captain said, a bit surprised.

"So what's he doing here? Do you get the meaning of ‘No prisoners’ ? " Small's face had lost all the colour.

"Aye, captain, but..."

"Silence! Dizzy, come here!"

"Aye captain" Dizzy straightened his back.

"Dizzy, please introduce this creature to the top sport available aboard" Dizzy again proved he had earned his name. His face looked it.

"Sport, captain?" he asked.

Dolphin came to his rescue. "I'm not sure if walking the plank or keel hauling made it top sport at the last crew poll, captain"

"Uhum", the captain reconsidered. "I voted for walking the plank"

Small made a desperate attempt "But captain.. we can't kill him. Look, he's so cute!"

Thorbjørn, aware that they were all looking at the girl, inched his way towards an axe that was fastened to the base of the mast.

"Cute?" the captain asked, quite astonished. Small was aware her cheeks were burning like a hot fire.

"Aye, captain" she mumbled.

"Nonsense!" the captain spat.

"have him walk the plank, I say."

"I won't do it!" Small exclaimed. She hid behind Dizzy as the captain shot her a killing stare.

"Nor will I" said Dizzy, putting a protective arm around the girl.

"What is this?" the captain screamed

"'tis a mutiny?" Dolphin cleared his throat.

"Captain, it's my sad duty to inform you that this is a mutiny, and that you're relieved of your command" he said.

"What? And who's going to navigate the ship? You?"

"I do so anyway. I'm the navigator."

"Oh, you have a point there..." the captain...sorry... ex-captain admitted.
Just in this moment, Thorbjørn, barely listening, had reached the axe. A red haze clogging his view, he had decided that he'd take some of them with him if he was to go down. He grabbed the axe, lounged forward and screamed. Suddenly the time was moving like molasses. Thorbjørn ran forward, his axe whistling through the air aimed at the captain's face. The captain realizing the danger, scrambled backwards. Thorbjørn adjusted the aiming of the axe. Then the time sped up again, snapping back like a stretched band of rubber as a strong arm checked his flight and yanked away his axe.

"Can't have you ruin a mutiny, son." Dizzy said.

"Oh well. they're less fun than they used to be, anyway" Dolphin objected.

"Oh well, why don't you take over captain?"

"Sure." Thorbjørn, lying on the floor and awaiting his death, was really puzzled now.

"Welcome to the crew of the ‘Lady in Black’" the captain said.
She kneeled down beside him. ‘She?’ Thorbjørn wondered. ‘How many chicks does this ship have, anyway?’ He rolled onto his back and looked at the captain. Definetly being older than Small, she still looked younger than tho other guys he had met so far, Dizzy and Dolphin. From the way everybody was still looking at him, he figured they were still waiting for a reply. He chose the reply that would most certainly be right aboard a ship.

"Aye, aye, captain." Then he made up his mind.

"What was this show with the mutiny all about, if the people aren't doing a thing?" he asked.

"The captain calls it psyology.. It's something for looking into peoples minds." Dizzy explained. Small giggled.

"Psychogy?" Dizzy tried.

"Psychology." Small helped.

"Yeesh, something weird, anyway." Dizzy muttered.

"Explain to me" the captain inquired

"what happened to you. Your ship was already robbed as we arrived."

"Yes, captain. These monsters robbed all my fish, and they kidnaped Sheyla." Thorbjørn blurbed out.

"Wait, wait wait. Who robbed your fish, and who in Dural is this Sheyla." the captain asked.

"I think the captain of the other pirate ship was called Argus.. no, Angus."

"Angus the Red!" the captain yelled.

"Quick, when was this. Come, speak, man!"

"Er, shortly after sunrise, captain. I had just brought my nets in.."

"Well done. I'll get you soon, Angus. You leave a trail that ‘only a girl’ can follow, too." The captain looked at the horizon, and her face had a grim look.

"But where are my manners? I'm Captain Iceheart, who are you?"

"I'm Thorbjørn, but my friends just call me Thor, captain."

"Pleased to meet you." the captain smiled. She turned and yelled.

"Ok, you lazy bums, set all the sails this ship can handle, even if you have to set my handkerchief and Smalls towels"
Ignoring Small's protest, she turned back to Thor.

"So, who's this Sheyla you were talking about?"

"It's the woman I love.." Thor said, while he felt tears rushing into his eyes.

"And she happens to be a mermaid, captain." Dolphin added. Both Thor and the captain turned to stare at him.

"How do you know that?" Thor asked.

"Spotch told me. I just had a chat with him."

"Who, by all the demons is Spotch?" Thor and Iceheart asked simultaneously.

"Why, her dolphin comrade, of course. Why do you think I have this name?"

"Oh, I see." Thor said.

"He also told me that she's still alive, and that the ship is heading for the Flint's archipel." Dolphin added. Once a while he had to show off with his skills.

"Flint's archipel?" Iceheart asked.

"Good. With this kind of wind, we're faster than they are. I think we can get them before they reach the archipel."

"Aye captain. I'll plot a course." Dolphin rushed into the map shack.

"Don't worry, Thor. We'll get your girl back. I promise. I have an open account with this Angus, too." Thus having spoke, captain Iceheart turned and left for her cabin.
With all the other people being busy, Thorbjørn stood at the Lady in Black's bow and watched the sun set. ‘What a weired day,’ he thought. ‘I met the woman I loved, lost her an instant later, and now I'm stuck with this bunch of really crazy pirates.’ He shook his head. And then, as he was sure that noone was looking, he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He didn't wake up. ‘Sheyla, I'll come to save you’ he thought, and the ship sped towards the sun that was drowning in the ocean.

To be continued...