On world anvils the Maker forged seductive embers ...

    Cronos was built in the forges of the ancient world, which is long gone. Technus, the Maker, created the most perfect clockwork machine and its beat breathed life into the void.

    However, Technus also disappeared in the mists of time. Since we were forsaken, the Champions of Cronos have taken the burden of defending our world. The hourglass turns once again, and the sands of time whirl in their whimsical dance as the echoes of ages clash with the roar of the raging future.

    Cronos is a fantasy world located in a future universe. It is a planet built on technology and genetics by the master work of the deity known as Technus. Technus is also known as the Dead God because he passed away and left the inhabitants of the world on their own.

    Cronos is said to lay in the very center of the universe, without spinning or orbiting, and thus gathers the influx of energies from all space, plane and time. Cronos is a place of vast power and ancient knowledge, and its secrets were once being disputed by the races of the world, creatures from other planes or places and technological aberrations from the innards of Cronos itself.

    In such dark times, the Champios of Cronos loomed. The greatest heroes in Cronos, those who write not only history but legends, are raised to divinity by the faith of their loyal followers. They become demigods and wield powers that any other mortal can only dream of. Mastering the Spheres of Time, the symbols of their power, they channel the elemental forces at will, unleashing the faith of nations into wonders and miracles of beauty or rage.

    So, adventurers, don't be afraid by stories of horrendous monsters or evil sorcerers, hordes of beasts or forces of magic, living abominations or undead nightmares. Pick up your weapons, grit your teeth, gather your will and unveil the misteries of these lands, discover the secrets buried in the sands of time, and, who knows?

    The next Sphere of Time may be yours, and you may find me praying at your altar.


Cronos is a roleplaying world originally started by a bunch of friends in a garage that has become a very complete and cohesive fantasy setting. Once we were Los Vecinos del Doctor Uija Roleplaying Club, now we meet on the net and save space :P
Cronos is written in spanish, is mostly developed as a setting, avoiding messing up with rules: we use GURPS for tabletop game and will use Circe for the online WorldForge version.
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Cronos has published 2 books under the Open Publication License: the main book Cronos: Las Esferas del Tiempo (Cronos: The Timespheres) (98 pages) and the first expansion Las Tierras Lóbregas (The Somber Lands) (37 pages).